Knitted Wire Mist Eliminators

Knitted Wire Material: Metal, stainless steel wire, copper wire, G.I. wire (Galvanized Iron Wire)
Shape: Hole, Square
Thickness: 100mm and 150mm
Length: 300mm- 6400mm
Width: 700-4600mm


• Increasing throughput
• Downsizing new vessels
• Improving product purity
• Cutting operating costs
• Reducing environmental pollution
• Reducing downstream corrosion
• Increasing recovery of valuable liquids

Knitted wire mist eliminators are used for tower, absorption tower, separation tank, gas separation device, compression absorption tanks, evaporators, distillation towers. It is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, medical, light, metallurgy and environmental protection industries. It is most often used to separate liquid drop with diameter of more than 3-5 μm in the separation tower.

Plastic bag inside, carton or wooden case out side