Mist Eliminator Filters

Wire mesh mist eliminator filter, also known as a wire mesh mist eliminator, is a kind of vapor liquid separating device. It is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, medical, light, metallurgy and environmental protection industries. It is most often used to separate liquid drop with diameter of more than 3-5 μm in the separation tower.

Benefits of wire mesh demister:

This product is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, and convenient to install, operate and repair. Its efficiency of eliminating mist is high (collecting efficiency reaches 98-99.8%) with minimal resistance. The pressure drop in which gas gets through the demister is very small measuring only to 250-500Pa which results in improving the production efficiency of equipment.Further benefits include improvement of operating conditions, optimization of technical index, reduction of equipment corruption, prolonging equipment life, increasing processing capacity, reuse of valuable material and protection of the environment including reduction of atmospheric pollution.

Application of wire mesh mist eliminator filters:

The working application of the mist eliminator filter is demonstrated in the right hand picture below. When the air with mist rises up at certain speeds and gets through wire mesh, mist will collide with wire and will be attached on the surface of wire in the effect of rising inertia. The dispersion and sedimentation makes mist form bigger and bigger drops until it is heavier than the combined forces of gas rising force and liquids surface tensile and wires capillarity. Therefore, liquid drop will be separated and fall off from wire. Mist is essentially eliminated after gas gets through wire mesh demister.